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Infertility Treatment

Patient Testimonials

"It’s been four months since the birth of our second daughter, Sophia. She is the baby that my doctor told me I wouldn’t have. In December 2008, my doctor game me less then 1% chance of having another baby. I didn’t care for those odds so I started doing some research on the web.

Thanks to my sister finding Dr. Helene Pulnik. In January 2009, I met Dr. Pulnik and we discussed what my doctor had informed me of. My FSH levels were high; my body was acting older than what it was. Dr. Pulnik came up with a plan for me; I added acupuncture to my weekly routine along with the supplements that she recommended.

In April 2009, we became pregnant! We were just about to give modern medicine a try with fertility drugs when we were blessed with a miracle of getting pregnant the old fashion way. 

Acupuncture and supplements that Dr. Pulnik recommended for me worked. If you’re having infertility concerns similar to mine, I would highly recommend meeting Dr. Pulnik. She was able to help me and now we have another beautiful daughter who according to my doctor, I was not supposed to have.

Thank you"

- Alyse

"Dear Dr. Pulnik,

I have wanted to write this letter for a while now. This letter is a bit more than a thank you note. I have run through my head many times what I would write, and thank you just does not seem to be enough. Nevertheless, I would like to thank all of you for the exceptional care you provided. Yes I did get pregnant and my husband and I are expecting a little baby very soon. I am very grateful for the level of care I received. Thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate your sensitivity to all of my needs. Also, your offices did not have a sterile feel and I always felt comfortable. Additionally, it was nice to deal with people who knew who I was each time I came in.

As you know, I was a patient at two different fertility clinics prior to coming to your practice. The care I received there was very good, but in the end, even with aggressive treatment and high doses of medicine neither Artificial Insemination nor In Vitro Fertilization worked. Both clinics recommended that my husband and I should try In Vitro with a donor egg. We were pretty disappointed to learn that we would not be able to conceive on our own. We were always optimistic during our treatments, but as time went on we were beginning to lose hope. Tired and stressed from the treatments I decided to try something different, something more natural. This is when I found you Dr. Pulnik, you gave me that little bit of hope I was looking for and I was willing to believe because I have a lot of faith in God. A few months went by and nothing happened, we asked God many times for this precious gift and it was when we least expected it that we were overjoyed with the wonderful news that I was pregnant in the natural way. My Doctors at the fertility clinics could not believe it when we gave them the good news; they brought us in for pregnancy tests and Ultrasounds and could not explain what had happened. Miracles can happen when you have faith in God and my pregnancy is living proof. 

Thank you for helping us to get pregnant and for providing us with such a positive experience. We believe that our great faith in God and the Naturopathic Medicine provided by you Dr. Pulnik really helped us with our infertility problems. Thank you once again Dr. Pulnik for your help in making our dreams come true. 

Thank you and may God bless your abilities." 

- N.G. 

Dr. Helene Pulnik offers stand-alone treatments for infertility as well as treatments that complement intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.

Dr. Pulnik uses herbal medicine, dietary counseling, vitamins, nutritional supplementation and stress reduction to restore overall balance and overall wellness.

Because 40 percent of infertility can be due to male factors, Dr. Pulnik also treats the partners of women trying to conceive.

How Does Natural Infertility Treatment Work?

Restoring balance allows the body’s natural cycles to become more regular, and increases the body’s response to IUI and IVF, thus improving fertility.

Dr. Pulnik has studied infertility treatment using herbs, nutrition and stress reduction with Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure.

Integrating the wisdom of traditional medicine with modern techniques and natural medicine, Dr. Pulnik helps couples by supporting the body’s natural cycles to enhance fertility.

Dr. Pulnik includes the following therapies as part of your personalized infertility treatment: clinical nutrition and diet, vitamin therapy, hormone balancing, stress reduction, laboratory testing, Thyroid Therapy, Neurotransmitter and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, Adrenal Stress Hormone testing and treatment, cleansing and detoxification.